Sunday, October 28, 2018

Bentley {7 days new} | Hattiesburg, MS Newborn Photographer

Not only did I get to watch this little guy be welcomed into this world but we also got to do studio newborn photos as well. Dad is big into hunting so I was SUPER excited to get to play with that idea <3

Friday, October 12, 2018

Ember { 7 days new } | Hattiesburg, MS Newborn Photographer

This session was a very special one.. This was baby #2 I had the pleasure to photograph from this super sweet family AND we did a very special setup to remember baby Ember's cousin Gentry that passed away not long before she was born of cancer :( The dragonfly symbolizes that precious Gentry is watching over! #GentryStrong

Monday, October 1, 2018

Balancing Business and Family

I LOVE the fact that my hobby turned into a thriving business that not only helps provide for my family but also allows me to have a flexible schedule to be able to attend band concerts, cheer competitions, field trips, etc. I get to run a business AND be somewhat of a stay-at-home of both worlds!!

Yes my studio does happen to be part of my home so I do “work from home” but I am a legit licensed business and just like any other legitimate business (restaurants, dentists, doctor's offices, etc), I have set business hours and days off. I also, like everyone else, take holidays off and certain times during the year for a family vacation. With that said, I would LOVE to just explain a few things that sometimes are misunderstood or maybe people just don't realize. 

I have to set certain business hours and days when I am available for sessions (or meeting clients) so I am able to balance work and time with my family equally. Photography is my passion and because I am self-employed and do have more flexibility, I also have to remain strict with my work schedule (STUDIO: Monday-Friday 10:00am ONLY...not available on weekends. OUTDOOR: Monday-Friday and limited weekend days close to sunset. National holidays and SOME school holidays I will be unavailable for sessions) so I am able to fit in those important family times that are needed. I try and be as flexible with my clients as much as my schedule allows me to. 

So, I am not trying to be difficult if I can't work around an 8-5 job schedule as much as you would like, I am simply trying to accommodate everyone possible while also tending to my first and most important thing in life.. FAMILY. 

I appreciate every one of my clients and I couldn't do it without you! I really enjoy being able to capture your most treasured moments and being able to watch your precious children grow.

All my love,
Jennifer Carney

Proud Member of Professional Photographers of America